What We Do

We are focused on delivering sourcing, blending, packing and innovation excellence to our customers to add value to their supply chains


Easy to say but not easy to do! We have a dedicated team under the leadership of our Director of Innovation who operate from a bespoke innovation hub in the factory.


This is not quite “Willy Wonka” territory but the team specialise in Nutrition, Dairy, Functional Blends, Bakery and Dairy Replacers and work on a number of different areas including:


  • Flavour and consistency improvements
  • Value benefit cost engineering
  • Match or improve existing products
  • Innovating new recipes and flavours
  • Focus on nutritional innovation – Lifestyle to Healthy Ageing


We have strict NDA procedures in place to protect customer Intellectual Property and have a fabulous innovation facility where customers can come for the day and run trials, create recipes and also have fun!