What We Do

We are focused on delivering sourcing, blending, packing and innovation excellence to our customers to add value to their supply chains

Streamline Supply Chains

Ornua Nutrition Ingredients role in life is to help customers streamline their supply chains.


We take the pain out of sourcing either single dairy ingredients or blending multiple ingredients by providing a product that the customer can then use as one ingredient in their process or we supply as a finished product in consumer packaging. Either way, we try to make life simple for our customers.


We have two revenue streams to our business which are Traded and Factory produced.


For our traded business our dairy background means we have the expertise in sourcing commodity dairy powder products including skim milk, whey, WPC, casein, butter powder, whole milk powders along with sugars and cocoa. Alternatively, we can offer the benefit of lower cost off the shelf clean label replacers which deliver the same functionality as commodities.


We take the pain out of this process for customers as they can rely on us to manage the complex supply chain, paperwork and quality control.


The second part of our business is what we produce in our state of the art blending and packing facility. This ranges from simple blends of 2 ingredients into bulk bags to very complex blends of over 40 ingredients into small tubs and pouches.


We have huge flexibility, traceability, allergen control, complex stock management and pride ourselves on the quality and homogeneity of our blending through state of the art ribbon and tumble blending technology.